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Welcome to Ekiti Kete Canada Inc. (Relief Services) Website and thanks for visiting us!

Social Interaction & Cultural Development

We will bring together residents of Canada with ancestral roots in Ekiti for the purpose of fostering the spirit of peace, unity, and progress, and to also provide moral and intellectual support for one another through a shared sense of collectiveness while emphasizing on cultural development, particularly among children and youths.


Community Outreach Services

We will strive to provide services that could improve the standard of living of impoverished and under-privilege citizens of Ekiti and other impoverished persons in the country of our residence by providing emotional, social, intellectual, and material (food, clothing & shelter) supports when needed.


Health & Education

We will champion the cause of affordable and accessible education and health services delivery in Ekiti by providing modern health equipments to hospitals and educational materials to schools with scholarship funds to deserving students.


Ekiti Kete Canada is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing educational, medical, and social support to under-privileged people, particularly children and youths from low economic status parents. Through the collection of medical and educational materials and equipment from donors in North America, Ekiti Kete Canada has been able to provide relief materials to hospitals and schools in Ekiti state, Nigeria. Since its formation by a group of concern Ekiti indigenes in Toronto, Canada, Ekiti kete Canada has grown to become the umbrella for interested Canadians with roots in Ekiti state Nigeria. With particular focus on children and youths, our humanitarian programs have touched the lives of many people, both in Canada and in Nigeria. Ekiti Kete Canada cultural development program focuses on youth development by providing educative information and training to enhance their skills and strengthen their interest in cultural performance. Our cultural dance and drama group is unique with membership from different culture.

The annual summer youth camp and “out of town” excursion programs attract dozens of children and youths across the Greater Toronto Area every year. Apart from its purpose of providing supervised avenue to develop local friendship and encourage formation of literacy partners among participants, this program also reduces idleness among the youths, thereby leading to crime reduction in the community. We also put smiles in the faces of many disadvantaged children every Christmas season through a well organized children Christmas party. An average of 150 children and youths benefit from our tangible gift bags from “Santa clause” every year, thus making Christmas a memorable time of fun.

Ekiti Kete Canada is blessed with members that are passionate about the needy. Our dedicated members volunteer their time, resources, finances, and expertise in order for us to be able to fulfill many of our programs. Our community Outreach Program provides counseling and basic materials (food, clothing and shoes) to residents of shelters in Toronto, some of whom are suffering from alcohol or drug addiction. To learn more about our programs and activities, please, feel free to visit “our services” and “our program” sections of the website for detail information and videos/ pictures. If you would like to participate in any of our programs, please contact us by phone, email, or facebook, or you can register on-line for any program of your interest.

Bulk of the fund for our programs comes from members’ donations and contributions. Donations and grants from the public are welcomed. To donate money, materials, or equipments towards our programs, please visit the “donate” section of our website, or contact us by phone, email or facebook. Tax receipt is available for any donation above $100 dollars. Your contributions and supports would empower us to make positive impacts in the lives of more people. We appreciate your generous supports.

Ekiti Kete