International Programs

Our international programs focus on education, health and social well being of less privilege indigenes of Ekiti state, Nigeria.


Scholarship program

Knowledge is power. We strive to improve the educational standard in Ekiti state by providing modern study materials such as textbooks, educative videos and CDs, computer equipments, and research materials. We also make financial assistance available to deserving under-privileged students through our scholarship fund. For almost a decade, we have been at the fore-front of scholarship allocation to deserving students of Ekiti origin. Our scholarship program, which is open to all students in Ekiti state draws application from thousands of underprivileged students at secondary school level to enable them fulfill their educational dreams beyond high school. By this benevolent act, we open the doors of opportunity for them not just to secure a better future, but also to fulfill destiny and realize their respective dreams of becoming who they desire to be in life. Today, many of these students have graduated from the university while some are still pursuing their careers of choice in medicine, engineering, law, accounting and other fields of study. In 2006 alone, 147 high school students across the length of Ekiti state benefitted from the scholarship program towards their tuition fees. This gesture, which was adjudged unprecedented by any singular organization helped rekindled the hope of many students and transformed their destiny. In recognition of the financial demands of higher institutions and the challenges of many of the students in meeting these needs, we have finalized arrangements to extend the scholarship program to students of Ekiti origin attending Ekiti state owned institutions of higher learning starting in 2014.

Distribution of textbooks, computer

The acquisition of knowledge transcends the activities of classrooms. 21st century study requires reliable access to textbooks, research materials and other sources of educative information. We believe that by encouraging students’ access to these materials, our educational system can be shaped to pilot the economy of the state and position it at the forefront of development in Nigeria through innovation.

The state of our educational system and the prevailing poverty level in Nigeria often limit students’ access to modern textbooks, research materials, and technical software. Such system can only produce degree holders lacking in modern technical skills that can bring about innovative ideas for rapid development. We believe that our university students must have access to relevant materials that will give them a good understanding of advanced technical principles, theories, concepts, techniques and processes in order for the state to achieve her desired 21st century economy goals. Ekiti Kete Canada has moved to eliminate these barriers by providing relevant educative materials, textbooks, and software materials to students in Ekiti state University, Ado Ekiti. We are building on this program and also wish to extend the benefit to other institutions of higher learning across the state.

We also recognize the need for early exposure of students in Ekiti state’ secondary school to technology on which they can build as they progress in their educational pursuit. The 21st century Ekiti high school students need access to reliable internet network computer lab in order to compete with their counterparts both locally and internationally. Ekiti students are bright, intelligent and knowlegible, but national statistic has repeatedly put them at the tail end of academic performance. To this end, Ekiti Kete Canada is finalizing a plan to set up “mobile computer lab” with wireless internet access. The computer lab will be accessible to all secondary schools in the state at different scheduled time of the week. Details about this computer lab will be made available as we progress in our plan. Our students must not be left behind because we are the "fountain of knowledge".

In 2004, at the time of limited exposure to computer and its usage in Ekiti state, Ekiti Kete Canada donated 21 complete desktop computers with monitors to go round each of the sixteen local government councils in the state and the office of Ekiti state government. It was our gesture to help government; both at the local and state level improve on secretarial performances, information preservation, and data collection and storage.


Distribution of medical equipment to hospitals in Ekiti state

Health is an important mover of the economy. A healthy population is necessary for growth and development of our dear state. This believe has prompted us in Ekiti Kete Canada to design a program that focus on the distribution of medical equipments to our hospitals, particularly the State specialist hospital in Ado Ekiti which also serves as the teaching hospital for Ekiti state University, Ado Ekiti. In line with our humanitarian gesture to make health care system affordable and accessible in Ekiti state, we have by donated a container load of health care equipments such as hospital beds, mattresses, pillows, bedspreads, wheelchairs, scooters, walking cane and other health equipments, some of which have become a luxury in our hospitals today.

Trauma Centre (click here for presentation)

Health matters that require urgent attention are often referred to OAU teaching hospital Ile Ife, UCH Ibadan or FMC Owo. In many of the instances that require emergency medical attention, patients never made it to these specialized hospitals alive. In order to minimize this preventable losses of lives, Ekiti Kete Canada proposes a ultra-modern Trauma centre to be established in Ado Ekiti. The proposed trauma centre will serve as a treatment centre for the severely ill and critically injured individuals within Ekiti state and beyond using innovative and advanced medical procedures.

For some years now, we have been seeking the support of corporate organizations, private businesses, and individual philanthropists, particularly of Ekiti descent to join hands with us to realize this dream. We are not unaware of the enormous demands of this project in term of cost, but we are persuaded that through collective efforts of Ekiti indigenes, our people can breathe a fresh air of hope in modern health services. By rallying all concerned indigenes of Ekiti around the world and other local and international philanthropists’, we belief that our dream of an ultra-modern trauma centre for the treatment of critically injured and severely ill persons can be realized.