Who We Are

Ekiti Kete Canada Inc (Relief Services) is a charitable organization located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada founded in 1998 with the purpose of providing social, moral, intellectual, and recreational support to our members and Greater Toronto Area community, and to foster cultural development of individuals through classes, workshops, youth camp and excursion programs.


EkitiKete Canada Inc. (Relief Services) Association membership is opened to everybody who is Ekiti by birth (through one of either parent); by marriage (married to an Ekiti indigene); by adoption (one of the adoptive parent is an Ekiti indigene). Furthermore, the binding laws as regulated in the Constitution of the Organization have to be accepted. There shall be a yearly due of $100 per year/person payable at any time during the year to the treasurer.

Mission Statement

We, the Residents of Canada, Canadians of Ekiti descent and indigenes here in Canada, desiring to come together as one, in unity deemed it necessary to organize ourselves into one body for the purpose of contributing our own quota towards the development of our great state (Ekiti State) and also for the benefit of our members here in Canada individually and jointly. We hereby resolve to constitute ourselves into a non-partisan body/entity, make and give ourselves the following constitution (click here to download our constitution).


  • To bring together in unity for the purpose of advancing the cause and progress of our Association and amongst the rank and file of Ekiti sons and daughters, resident in any part of Canada.
  • To work with other Ekiti organizations all over the world to promote peace, ensure stability and unity of purpose for all Ekiti State interests.
  • To engage in activities, anywhere in the world, that promotes and ensures unity, social justice, and protects the interests of Ekiti State.
  • To undertake specific projects in Canada or any part of the world, beneficial to Ekiti State and aimed at her development and growth.
  • To promote and sustain Ekiti Cultural Heritage through educational and socio-cultural programs.
  • To create and maintain a forum for exchange of ideas, effective dissemination of such ideas and frank discussion of issues aimed at contributing our own quota, towards proffering workable solutions to problems facing Ekiti State.
  • To play the role of a pragmatic but patriotic unbiased and objective watchdog on the activities of successive Ekiti State governments, monitor events at home and communicate our observations to the government in power.
  • To recognize and honour worthy individuals no matter their descent, who have contributed immensely towards the progress of Ekiti State or its cause at home and abroad or has impacted positively on the life of any Ekiti State indigenes either at home or abroad.
  • To pursue and implement ideas towards alleviating the suffering of masses, the underprivileged in our Society in Canada and beyond and engage in concerted efforts towards maintaining peace in all troubled part of the world.

Our Executives

The new EkitiKete Canada Inc. executive members from October 2016 are:


Mr. Anthony Ademola Adesina


Dr. Sheri Adekola-Akintade

General Secretary

Ayodeji Ikotun

Cultural Officer

Toyin Olaniyan


Odunola Olatoye

P.R. Officer

Prince Adeyanju Tokaseen

Chief Whip

Dare Asaolu

Social Secretary

Christiana Awoyemi

Welfare Officer

Victoria Ogunwale(Mrs)

Asst. General Secretary

Joe Isedowo

Asst. Social Secretary

Jimoh Bello

Asst. P.R. Officer

Adejoke Kate Samuel